The lost of us

The lost of us

The lost of us is the best cities because in this cities you see zombie land is here means zombies all over the world take over and you see every corner in the world zombies.

zombies all over world almost finished because zombies eat the humans so that’s why the world almost finished but some people to life in zombies so that’s why he tried to survive in this so in this movie you see ass suspenseful story and how to survive in the end of series.

so you see this movie and you see a lot of action scenes and assistants full story means how can survive in zombie land so In today’s you receive lesson navigate up in your life because some difficulties in face your life.

so that’s why you see this movie and you receive lesson and you see assessment for story are out of vacancies with friends and family so in this movie you don’t even try to in this movie.

john is very clever and smartest person so that’s why he life involvement and he never defeat anyone because he very strong and smart.

so that’s why he likes and he search for some live peoples and he search the antidots how to reset the world so in this movie you see fight between womens and zombies.

so you see this movie and you see a lot of faction scenes and suspenseful story with friends and family this series is never for animal.

because this movie is based on zombie land and this movie seems is very good and different cages in this movie you see so you try this movie and enjoy this movie so my device you want this movie with friends and family.

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