TikTok 18+ APK

Download TikTok 18 APK 1.3.5 latest version to watch and share short length adult videos for free. The download link of the application is provided below.

Version – 1.3.5 | Size – 40 MB


TikTok is a fun app that is loved by millions of users. You can make short videos of 30 seconds and share them with the general public. In addition to entertainment, it also offers informative and inspirational videos that you can enjoy. However, TikTok modified for 18+ is a specific app for adults aged 18 and above to view and share romantic content.

Tiktok 18 APK contains bold content that was restricted in certain countries. The younger age group also viewed these videos, but the outcomes were not great, so they had to ban them. Here you can get the application without limitations. When you enter your personal information, you must indicate your age as above 18. Additionally, the app lets you connect the account to various social platforms, such as Facebook.

What is TikTok 18+ Mod APK?

TikTok 18 Plus Mod is an Android application that provides the content to users that is not legal to stream on the Internet. This app allows users to watch videos of various celebrities and others who have uploaded their own videos. The app is newly launched and has over 250 million active users, and the number of users is growing daily. TikTok 18 is the official TikTok app with a limit on the duration of the clip (15 between 60 and 15 seconds). However, the app doesn’t limit the length that the videos can run.

This amazing app has created a buzz on the Internet fire, and the content available in this app is completely accessible for viewing at no cost. The popularity of TikTok 18 has reached new heights, following Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat. The app is made available to users with TikTok 18+ MOD APK to ensure that it could be a hit as TikTok all over the world. 

Most Highlighted Features of Tiktok 18+ APK

Additional Key Features

  • It will allow you to gain more likes, comments, and followers than traditional Tick.
  • When you create your account, it will require your age. If you are the age of 18+, this application will permit you to open an account. Otherwise, it will not.
  • The content on this app might be suitable only for those who are 18+, but brutal content like nakedness or anything similar to this is not offered in this app. 
tiktok 18

Mod info of TikTok 18 Plus Mod APK

No Ads
You can take Screenshots
You can also do screen recording in the app

NO VPN Needed if the app is banned in your country

Downloading Details of TikTok 18 Plus APK

NameTikTok APK
Size40 MB
Mod FeatureNo Ads


Tiktok 18 has grown to be the most used app, with thrilling videos. Tiktok 18 Plus is for people who are 18+. It is specifically designed for adults. You can share your content with your family and friends and receive wonderful feedback. It’s time to speak your mind confidently. Let your talent shine and become an international star. Make a video available for the public and get your fans excited about the next video. 

Common Questions

The application is for adults and teenagers who are preparing to reach maturation soon. The app has explicit videos with sexual connotations. We do not recommend this platform for children. That is the reason why TikTok 18+ exists.

According to this, the app has an age limit only for users older than 18. However, after conducting a check on the app’s age, anyone who is over 15 can access its content without issue.

Many users are concerned about security because this product needs to be certified by the Play Store. However, we must verify it using premium software to ensure it’s secure. So, don’t fret about security.

Yes, you must be 18+ to use this app in your device. If you are the age limit then you must not install the app.

The official website of this app is TikTok18APK.com. You will get every new updates and news regarding this application only on this website. So keep visiting for every new updates.